Elon Musk Just Exposed a Global Network of Crooked Elites

The globalists think they can accumulate money and power without anyone ever knowing.

But this major world organization was just revealed as a bunch of shady crooks.

And in this episode of Making the Argument, Nick Freitas shows how Elon Musk is the one who exposed them.

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The United Nations likes to put on a show of “helping to end world poverty” and other seemingly noble goals like that.

But that’s not really what they’re doing. The United Nations is a scam to enrich certain global elites.

Elon Musk knows that. He’s been on the inside. He knows what these people are up to.

That’s why when the United Nations asked him for a large donation to the World Food Program, he said he would give the money – as longas they kept the books open and showed where the money went.

He knew they would never do that. And sure enough they didn’t.

You see, the UN never had any intention of using that money to solve world hunger. They wanted to funnel that money to their globalist buddies.

Elon Musk showed the world exactly what the United Nations really is. And perhaps it is finally time to shut down that corrupt organization.

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