CNN and MSNBC Just Got Exposed Like Never Before

The liberal media has gotten out of control.

But their campaign of misinformation is now coming undone.

And this Green Beret combat vet just dismantled their entire narrative in a matter of minutes.

Is the mainstream media fair?

You may have seen that many things in the news simply aren’t covered by the media, because it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

With so many journalists all but avowed Democrats, it isn’t surprising to see that the press’ coverage of events across the country has a strong Left-wing bias.

But there is a way to fight back.

In this week’s episode of Making the Argument, former Congressional candidate and Green Beret combat veteran Nick Freitas covers some of the biggest examples of left-wing media bias, from Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to re-open Florida’s economy, to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous mismanagement of the pandemic in New York.

DeSantis was brutally attacked by the mainstream media for prioritizing COVID vaccines to the elderly, one of the most vulnerable demographics in the ongoing pandemic.

Yet his decision to provide aid first to those who needed it the most, while at the same time declaring that Florida wouldn’t remain on complete lockdown for the rest of the state, drew a wave of attacks from not only Democratic politicians, but their allies in the press.

At the same time, these “journalists” conveniently ignore an earth-shattering scandal playing out in New York, where Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for deliberately underreporting the number of COVID deaths in New York nursing homes.

“I want you to replace the name Cuomo with DeSantis or Trump. Does anyone think CNN or MSNBC wouldn’t be leading with this every day, all day?” Nick asks.

The answer of course is yes.

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